Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I login?

Once you enter the password sent to your email, name your avatar, and press "connect" to login.

Stuck with the frame?

You can refresh the page to regain control. If further issues persist, feel free to contact us via 0767412345.

Which browser should I use for the best user experience?

We highly recommend using Google Chrome for the most immersive experience on a PC equipped with a minimum 8GB RAM. For MacBook, the Safari browser is recommended. Mobile browsers are not recommended and having a minimum 8 mbps internet speed will greatly reduce your browser’s loading time.

My microphone and web cam are not turning on?

You can tap on the mic/webcam icon to ensure its toggled ON or refresh the page and login again.

How do I navigate the Metaverse environment?

W + S or Up + Down Arrow keys can be used for navigation. You can hold down LEFT MOUSE button and move the mouse to look around while navigating. You can also move faster by holding down the SHIFT key.

Despite multiple attempts, I’m unable to connect?

Kindly check your email and try to connect to the link provided. You can also try to refresh the page or try a different browser. If the problem persists, feel free to contact us via 0767412345.

Audio playing on the wrong device?

Right click on the mic icon on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen to switch between speakers/headphones or microphones

How can I customize my Avatar?

Once you are logged in, Press the C key on your keyboard to see a range of customization options for your Avatar.

Why do I see red and black squares on my screen?

Unfortunately, textures have not loaded correctly due to slow internet speed. Please refresh the browser to fix this error or try another stable connection.